Tuesday, February 24, 2009

STAR TREK Retro Lunchbox

More retro TREK items to see at Trekmovie!


Brian Codagnone said...

Where's Sulu? I thought Star Fleet had a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy...

A. Taylor said...

Ok, I have to protest this flagrant Trekkery.
I have nothing against the Enterprisers, but they are hardly the be-all, end-all of retro SFTV.
That lunchbox is the wrong shape and isn't even embossed!
For some real hot lunchbox porn, try http://www.tin10.com
Land of the GIants! Lost in Space! I can almost smell the baloney and oreos.
(Full Disclosure; I'm the product development honcho for tin10 collectibles, and I know cool retro sci-fi crap when I see it.) ;)

Mike Lynch said...

Oh, Brian! George Takei was filming THE GREEN BERETS during part of the second season (which was when the screen shot from this episode "I, Mudd" was taken).

Anthony is flagrantly hyping his own stuff, but it's so cool I can't get cheesed off at him about it.

A. Taylor said...

Ok, Lynch. Knowing the exact dates and episodes of Takei's Green Beret Trek furlough makes you an honest to god NERD.

Mike Lynch said...

OK, Taylor. Liking TREK is nerdy.

Knowing what episode that this shot is taken from is hardcore.

Knowing that Takei wasn't in the episode due to the conflicting shooting schedule of John Wayne's THE GREEN BERETS is NERDCORE, baby!