Thursday, February 26, 2009

Video: Mell Lazarus Cameo on MURDER SHE WROTE

Above: a screen capture from MURDER SHE WROTE with Patrick MacNee and Mell Lazarus.

Did you know there was an episode of that old war horse TV series MURDER SHE WROTE (1984-1996) about cartoonists? Did you know that MOMMA and MISS PEACH cartoonist Mell Lazarus had a cameo in it? The gang at the Blog Flume blog sure did and they share a short video here.

The episode "The Dead File" aired on November 15, 1992. Mell appears in a small scene at the beginning of the clip linked above. In addition to series star Angela Lansbury, the clip showcases its guest cast which includes, in addition to Patrick MacNee, Harvey Fierstein and Jon Polito.

A big hat tip to Comics Reporter!

Related video: Mell Lazarus speaks at the Charles M. Schulz Museum.


Mark Anderson said...

You know what'd be fun? Listening to Harvey Fierstein reading comics. I don't know why that just hit me, but that would sound GREAT!

Mike Lynch said...

Ooh! I'd like to hear him read some of those Jack Chick religious tract comics.