Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Video: Pat Oliphant

Above: a screen capture fro "Sketching History," a 13:50 video report by Australian telejournalist David Brill for the Special Broadcasting Service's program DATELINE hosted by George Negus.

Here is some video (and a transcript of same) of Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant, with lots of good close ups of him drawing with a dip pen, as well as sketching onstage with P.J. O'Rourke at the University of Virginia, where there is an exhibition of Oliphant's work, as well as Daumier's, through March 8, 2009.

I couldn't get the video to work on that SBS page above, but this link played it automatically.

REPORTER: So there's the completed cartoon for today of the end of Bush's... End of eight years in the White House.

PAT OLIPHANT: Yeah, and, of course, I have mixed emotions about it. It's a dichotomous thing because he's given me a great 8-year ride with a match-up of just the perfect villains. And cartoonists, as you know, depend on villains. And so I'm losing probably the best cast that I've ever had and one thing I just have to remember is that politicians will never eventually let you down. They're going to come through with something. Bye Bush.
Another big hat tip to Comics Reporter!

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