Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Andertoons on PSP

Mark says:

Between iPods and PSPs and whatever the Zune ends up turning out like, this sort of instant personal media bodes well for cartoonists.


Yeah, back at a July fundraising event at Guy Gilchrist's Cartoonist's Academy, I remember saying jokingly to Guy Gilchrist himself (who draws the NANCY comic strip) that single-panel cartoonists are the future. Who has time to read THREE WHOLE PANELS? Ha ha ha!

He pretended to lunge at me, murderously. At least, I think he was pretending. Veteran comic book illustrator Frank McLaughlin held him back.

But, really, with slow download time and, let's face it -- the whole country has ADD -- the gag panel, even with the slow download, gives pretty much instant comedic gratification!

OK, I gotta go an strike a blow for liberty now ...

Here's the League of Women Voters site for anyone who has questions about voting.

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