Monday, November 13, 2006

Mike Lynch Cartoon in November 2006 Oldie Magazine

"The Oldie ... an indispensable antidote to the triviality of the 21st century." -- P.D. James

THE OLDIE magazine is "a monthly rebuke to the formulaic, celebrity-led concept of features in out newspapers and magazines," writes the Independent. It's been on UK newsstands since 1992.

And editor Richard Ingrams, who was editor of Private Eye for 23 years, runs cartoons in the magazine. Thompson, McLachlan, NAF, and many other magazine cartoonists are in here. My fellow Brooklynite and friend Nick Downes has 3 in this issue. I'm eating his cartoon dust!

I've been sending to THE OLDIE for a couple of years. I would mail 10-20 cartoons every couple of months. After maybe a year and a half, I got a copy of the magazine in the mail, with a check. Since then, I've made a couple of sales a year. Like a lot of markets, I simply do not know what Mr. Ingrams will buy. I just try to send interesting cartoons.

The princess using an online site to choose frog suitors is a wordless cartoon first submitted on June 1, 2005 to Reader's Digest. It was submitted to 8 other markets before selling. I remember an editor -- although I no longer recall what market the editor worked for -- who really liked the cartoon, even though the mag did not buy it. I hate when that happens! This isn't the first time that an editor said that he/she liked a cartoon, but would not buy.

A magazine is a group effort and, in many markets, more than one person is involved in the cartoon-buying process. It's not a democracy around that meeting table. A couple of editorial people can like a cartoon, but if the editor-in-chief doesn't like it, or doesn't get it, then it will be trashed.

If you'll notice, there is no signature on this cartoon. I though that the editor had sliced it off, but, upon looking at the original I see I was wrong. I had forgotten to sign it! Ah well!

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TimHarries said...

Nice gag, Mike!

If you like, i'll pop down to the newsagents and write a tiny 'Lynch' under your cartoon in each issue ...