Thursday, November 16, 2006

First Time Lucy Held the Football for Charlie Brown

OK, here it is. Here's Lucy pulling back the football for the first time: November 16, 1952. Click on the scan for the XXL size. This is bad scan is from page 268 of your Fantagraphics COMPLETE PEANUTS, which, of course, ALL of us own, right? Right?

And it's also reprinted in PEANUTS: A GOLDEN CELEBRATION.

Derrick Bang in his THE FOOTBALL GAGS points out it was actually Violet on 11/14/51 who first was in the football-holder role. And he documents every time the gag was revisited through 1999.

With the bulk of Charlie Brown's weight distribution being in his over-size, massive, round head, that fall to the ground must really, really hurt him. He should go to the hospital for a cat scan.

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