Monday, November 27, 2006

Dan Piraro Interview Podcast

Hey, just heard that there is an interview with Dan Piraro over at

First, there are some tips about buying vegan items online, and then the interview starts. Dan talks about the vegan lifestyle, why he made the choice, and the cartooning business. The interviewer is Erik Marcus, the fellow who runs

ERIK MARCUS (about 16 minutes in): "You're really in a field that is dominated by mediocrity, y'know? The Jim Davises ...."

DAN PIRARO: No kidding.

ERIK MARCUS: "... The Family Circus, and all that. How do you deal with the fact that, you know, in my eyes anyway, you're doing some of the best work out there in your field, and yet there are just so many cartoonists out there -- so many popular comics -- that, frankly, are just never, ever, ever funny. Do you notice that? and how do you ... deal with the frustration of seeing work out there that is just so incredibly successful and so piss poor?"

You can listen here.

And, just in case you want more ....

Here's another interview, complete with video on the same page, and there's links to Dan's swag; like his new ART OF DAN PIRARO.

Hat tip to Dan Piraro hisself for the interview, and Trade Loeffler for the second! Thanks, guys!

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