Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dark Horse Publishing Profile in NY Times

[Concrete is TM & © Paul Chadwick, 1986-2006. Dark Horse, Legend, Maverick are TM & © Dark Horse Comics.]

SIN CITY, HELLBOY, CONCRETE are all imprints that began at Dark Horse Publishing, created by Mike Richardson, 20 years ago. George Gene Gustines writes the story of the company, and its founder's philosophy in today's NY Times.

“We built our publishing platform around creators’ rights,” Mr. Richardson said. “Our pitch was, ‘We’ll match the rights that you get from other companies and we’ll let you own the work.’ ”

I remember reading the CONCRETE story that is reprinted along with the article. I was into the indy comics scene 20 years ago, and would buy comics weekly at a comic book store on West 86th Street. Itwas only a block away from my then "real job." The shop is now long gone. I was struck by the mood and pace of Paul Chadwick's CONCRETE, and how beautiful the drawing was. I became a regular buyer of CONCRETE for a time.

In the past couple of weeks, I've been handed 4 contracts (2 for magazine cartoons, 2 for books). It's great to get work in the competitive business of cartooning, but the contracts want all rights. I won't be selling all rights. (I routinely cross out the sections of the contracts that I don't agree with.)

It's refreshing to see a company that extends rights to its creators be successful.

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