Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Casper the Friendly Ghost, Created by Seymour Reit and/or Joe Oriolo

A correction to an earlier blog.
Lee Ames asked that I change what I wrote about Casper, The Friendly Ghost from
our July 27, 2006 Berndt Toast meeting.

I had written that Joe Oriolo was the creator of Casper. I've since learned
that this is not entirely true.

For the Steven Spielberg-produced Casper movie, the credits read, “created
by Joe Oriolo as appeared in the original story written by Joe Oriolo
and Seymour Reit.” Lee told me that he knew Seymour Reit, and knew that
Reit got royalty checks from Casper licensing. So, I stand corrected by
Mssrs. Ames and Spielberg: Sy Reit deserves credit.

Don Markstein's TOONPEDIA credits them both, acknowledging that they fought over the property.
Here's Seymour Reit's 2001 obit from CNN.

Thanks for the call, Lee. The record should be set straight.

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