Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fried Pizza at The Atlantic Chip Shop

Today's the day of the NYC Marathon. So, while we may contemplate those amazing people who run, and the incredible shape they keep their bodies in -- here's something from the dark side,from the anti-health and fitness world: fried pizza at The Atlantic Chip Shop.

I have never been to the Shop, even though it's mere blocks from my home. I want to. The fact that they "fry anything" scares me. But fried pizza scares me in a good way. Honestly, this rates right up there with the moment that chocolate and peanut butter came together: too much temptation! Arrgh! I don't need to know about it.

There's a nice video at the link where the owner of the place blames it all on the "crazy Scots."

Didja ever notice the difference between "fried" and "friend" is just one little letter? Don't be fooled!

I gotta go and take a healthful walk now. (ANd, NO, I'm not going to walk toward the Chip Shop.) Just thinking about this is going to clog up an artery.

Hat tip pitu.


Rod McKie said...

I really enjoy dropping in on your site. How have you been?

To be honest, they don't even put batter on the fried pizza over here, they just throw it in. The irony is that these are real Italians. Can you imagine anyone in Italy doing that to a pizza? My local chippy (fish and chip shop) has won a lot of awards - Shirley Manson (Garbage) is a fan. They are typical in that the pizza that gets fried, is not the same as the pizza you buy from the Restuarant section, it has a sort of rubbery non-runny topping.

Another 'treat' is fried haggis. It's not proper haggis cooked in a sheep's intestine, it has a sort of boiled crust, it's then dipped in batter and fried. White pudding (an oatmeal and barley concoction) is much safer - if you get my drift. You can get black pudding (the French, more honestly, call it Blood pudding) similarly coated and fried.

For desert, if you haven't had enough fried food, you can get a fried Mars Bar or Snickers, dipped in batter and fried. The sad truth is it doesn't matter what they cook, most of the people who buy the stuff are too drunk to taste it.

TimHarries said...

Echoing Rod's comment - really enjoying your blog Mike, I read it most days - very entertaining and informative.

We still have fried Mars bars available in the chip-shops of Wales. Never tried one myself. I like my arteries just the way they are ...