Tuesday, November 28, 2006


More SF TV posts for Tuesday ....

STAR TREK: THE NEW VOYAGES is a fan Web site where James Cawley and his group of Trek-fans create new old episodes of STAR TREK. It's kinda like NBC had renewed the show in 1969, and this is the fourth season. They still wear velour, the sets are all there, and the lighting is very much like the original series. The special effects are, of course, better than they could ever have been in the 1960s.

This time around, Mr. Cawley has snagged Walter Koenig, who played Chekov, as well as former story editor/writer talent D.C. Fontana. The most recent episode is out now, available for free on the Web. This is news, since there can be significant lag time (months, years) between episodes. Below are streaming YouTube links to the episode, which are OK -- but the image is a bit squished. You can download the ep. here. You'll see other NEW VOYAGES projects, past and present, there as well.

Paramount/CBS allows this kind of thing as long as no one makes any money off of it. And it also gauges fan reactions to retro-TREK stuff. And old TREK is what the new official Paramount theatrical TREK movie is going to be about.

In the meantime, there's another fan-based project involving a lot of people associated with professional TREK titled STAR TREK Of Gods and Men that will come to a computer screen near you by the end of December. There's a preview, complete with that Carmina Burana-style chanting, at the site.

And, in March, there will be another NEW VOYAGES: World Enough and Time, with George Takei. Preview below.

To Serve All My Days part 1

To Serve All My Days part 2

To Serve All My Days part 3

To Serve All My Days part 4

To Serve All My Days part 5

To Serve All My Days part 6

To Serve All My Days part 7

To Serve All My Days part 8

To Serve All My Days part 9

STAR TREK: Next Voyage: World Enough and Time Preview

If you want to see NEW episodes of OLD TREK, then take a peek. It'll be fun.

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