Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Scoop on Poop by Dr. Wayne Lynch

OK, I don't know what THEY were thinking, but THEY -- those people who have advanced degrees and decide WHAT'S WORTHY of a traveling museum show and WHAT'S NOT -- have decided that the "largest excrement show on earth" is sufficient educational fodder for the kiddies who are trucked into this nation's museums. Opening this month at the Miami Zoo: "The Scoop on Poop."

This is based on a book by someone who may be related to me, Dr. Wayne Lynch. So, on behalf of the Lynches, I'd like to apologize for Wayne. I don't know him, but he obviously is working out some uh .... er ... stuff ... and we all have to watch grant money being scooped over for it.

Hey, according to this Web site, if you drop by you get an
"educational Scat Tracker worksheet." Hey, a basketful of clothespins would be welcome, too, darn it.

Miami Zoo promo video, in questionable taste, is on this page. (Video with sound begins as soon as you click.)

And Dad -- look out!!! It's coming to the Carnegie Museum
in 2008: February through April. Keep upwind, dear ol' Dad!!!!

Hat tip to Boing Boing.

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