Friday, November 03, 2006

Beer with Trade & Tony

Here's Trade Loeffler and Tony Murphy, who I hung out with this past Wednesday night. Both are West Coast guys, and both are drawing cartoons here in Brooklyn.

Trade's been doing Web design for years, but his passion is illustration. His ZIP & LI'L BIT series is just gorgeous to look at and great fun to read. And Trade is sharing the whole story with us. Above is the opening image of this graphic novel. Trade is posting 2 pages a week, full color, on the Web. He's about half-way through this adventure, titled THE UPSIDE DOWN ME.

Tony's strip IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU ran in the NYC and Boston area Metro newspapers for 2 years. And it can be seen regularly in THE FUNNY TIMES. Tony deals heavily in the way people talk, and how ironic their comments are.

Both of these guys are in my "I knew them when" category. 2 guys who are on their way to very good things. It was my pleasure to break bread with them and call them my friends.

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