Thursday, November 30, 2006

NYC NCS Get Together 11/29/06

(Some photos from the November 30, 2006 NCS Long Island get together here.)

November 29, 2006: the NYC NCS monthly get together. The gang filled a couple of tables at The Overlook Lounge in NYC. From left: Brendan Burford, Caroline Dworin, Rina Piccolo, Marc Bilgrey, Tony Murphy, Mort Gerberg, Doug Bratton.

Caroline and Rina kept sketching in a little pad and giggling. I didn't get a good look at what they were sketching, but I hope it was not me.

Brendan Burford told Tony about his recent injury. Brendan is doing just fine, by the way.

Marc told me about all the projects he's working on: novel, cartoons, short stories. I'll be eating his dust in 2007.

Mort had to leave early to get some work done. That is the secret to success!

Doug Bratton also had to leave early. He had to drive back to his place in Rockaway, NJ, but not before we got a chance to see some new baby photos.

Lovely to see the cartoon mural behind them. This is the 30 year old mural.

Anne Gibbons gives the thumbs up to Stephanie Piro's new book MY CAT LOVES ME NAKED.

Mmm. I want some of those fries! If you'll notice, there are actually 2 huge baskets of them.

Isabella Bannerman, Rina Piccolo

Isy came down on the Metro North train to hang out with us.

Mike Lynch, Garry Trudeau, Dan Piraro

I think that Garry has done some of the best work in the comic strip medium over the past 18 months. Interview link here.

Dan was talking about Garry's karaoke abilities which are, if you've seen them, legendary. I haven't, so I'll have to rely on Dan's opinion. A couple recent interviews with Dan here.

Yeah, those are little Christmas ball decorations on the ceiling. They were such trouble to put up last year, that now they just keep them up there year-round.


Mark Anderson said...

Look at you... Hobnobbing with the political and vegan elite... I remember when you were COOL man! You've changed... *sniff*

Hillary St. Pierre said...

You're great! Even better, you are from NH too! I'm a blogger, cancer patient, and advocate for health care reform in NH. Please see me I like to use cartoons to prove my points.