Friday, January 19, 2007

50,000th Visitor to Mike Lynch Blog

From Mililani, Hawaii to Wellington, New Zealand; from Akershus, Norway to Brazil; and Australia, Malaysia, China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Romania, the UK, Canada and the US -- a lot of eyeballs have been looking in.

This is a week where I celebrate a birthday (January 18th). And one of the nicest presents was looking at the above world map from the statistics tracker of this morning's most recent 100 visitors and realizing that this week -- hey, maybe it was on my birthday -- the 50,000th visitor to the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog chose to stop by.

I just began this blog less than a year ago in February 2006. It was on MySpace for a time, and then I switched to Blogger. The blog's readership grew by word of mouth, and by nice shout outs by people like my pal, good ol' Mark Anderson. In the past couple of months, readership has boomed.

So, thanks, 50,000 times, to all of you -- friends, fiends, strangers, pro colleagues, new pals -- cartoon lovers everywhere.


Benita said...

Happy Birthday, Mike! This is a great blog you, informative and intelligent. Plus all your wonderful cartoons.


Mark Anderson said...

That's incredible! I'm so glad it's taken off so well for you!

Rob Tornoe said...