Monday, January 01, 2007

Remembering Schulz

50 years ago this Friday, Snoopy walked on 2 legs for the first time (link: Official Peanuts Web site).

Another first time in the strip: January 1st, 1956, 51 years ago, Linus appeared with his security blanket.

"Mr. Schulz remembered, 'I did not know then that the term 'security blanket' would later become part of the American language.'" -- Sarah Boxer, NY Times

His last daily strip ran seven years ago, January 3, 2000. His last Sunday strip appeared the next month, on February 14. Charles Schulz had passed away the day before, as the presses printed up the Sunday papers.

Hard to believe that this year marks 7 years since his passing, and since the death of his strip.

Here's a link to the announcement of his death on CNN from the morning of February 14, 2006 that I just found this evening. Still a shock and still sad.

His museum celebrates its fifth year in 2007, with a new exhibit opening this month.

I can't think of a colleague who doesn't own some or all of the Complete Peanuts books published by Fantagraphics.

And I don't have to show you a picture for you to know who Snoopy or Linus is. His work is part of your subconscious -- whether you're a cartoonist or a "regular person."

Good ol' Charlie Schulz. How we love him.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this, Mike. He was the cartoonist's cartoonist. I have a picture of his simple studio hanging above my drawing board. He and his work was/is an inspiration.

Happy New Year.