Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Direction for Newspaper Comics?

Scott Kurtz, whose "Player vs. Player" Web strip (better known as "PvP") has spawned comics and merchandise, wanted to give away his comics for free to newspapers. That was last year. This year, he begins with wondering if Webcomics creators and mainstream comics artists (he mentions Bill Amend and Bill Holbrook) can't get together and fuse a new hybrid.

Scott asks:

"What would happen if I got myself, Bill Amend, Bill Hollbrook, Joey Manley, Robert Khoo and a handful of forward thinking features editors all into a room together? Or all on a conference call? I mean, how exciting is that?

"What’s the worse that could happen? We might accidentally usher in the future?

"Who’s interested and what’s our first step?"

More at Scott's blog.

Hat tip to Dirk Deppey.

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