Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Napkin Drawings by Stephanie Piro and Mike Lynch

Some jam drawings on napkins. Stephanie Piro and her husband and me and my wife went to a local watering hole in Portsmouth, NH to listen to some traditional Irish music. After a couple of hours, Stephanie started drawing. She drew a female character on a napkin, and pushed the pen and napkin over to me.

I added the rather slimy fellow above, holding a wilted daisy, with the hearts of love around his head. Somehow, he even looks like he's wearing a tacky Sears polyester suit, like I wore to my junior prom in the 1970s! I can tell by her look: he ain't getting far with this fashionable woman.

Next, she drew a smiling cat. Love those little teeth. She passed the napkin and pen to me. I drew the two striped fellows in the background, commenting, "I think she's on the nip!"

Stephanie drew this woman in profile, asking, "What?" She then passed the napkin over to me, and I drew another chintzy guy proffering his love with a ring of deep-fried onion.

Ah, quite the true sentiment! His wandering eye adds to the general unattractiveness! Tis beauty and the beast! Such fun -- and good beer and good music. And patient spouses!

1 comment:

Mark Anderson said...

Good lord, I just love Stephanie's style... It's so original and so wonderfully sketchy without lacking purpose or composition. Man!

Oh, and your stuff is good too...

Still that Stpehanie... WOW!