Thursday, January 04, 2007

Archie's 65th Anniversary

Ever so quietly, Archie had his 65th birthday and Vanity Fair covered the story. On the left, the execs behind the comic books that sell more than a half million copies a month.

This is pretty much the corporate version of events. There's mention of the controversy over who exactly created Archie (I think it was Bob "If you drink, don't ink!" Montana), but no comments about Dan DeCarlo's lawsuit regarding the Josie & the Pussycats property.

Still, some interesting factoids here. And Stan Goldberg, the keeper of the Archie flame -- the guy who's penciled over 200 consecutive issues of Archie -- and counting -- has a short bit. Stan deserves more credit than he's given for keeping the series looking fresh. I've had conversations with him about how he keeps up with fashions and trends. And the kids pick up on that. And that's sales. And that's the gasoline that runs the Archie engine.

H/t Comics Reporter.

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