Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cartoon Art Advertising

Over at good ol' Mark Anderson's Andertoons blog, he cites a company that's making comic book style advertisements.

I agree with his "nobody can ignore a cartoon" comments, and just wanted to shine the Flashlight of Cartoon History on the topic. But, hey, I can be lazy and, actually, not even turn on the ol' FoCH, because illustrator/blogger Leif Peng all ready has!

Leif has a Flickr set of old comic strip advertising here. And don't miss his Today's Inspiration blog.

Tom Heintjes has written a wonderful history of the NYC company that did comic book advertising full-time for many decades, Johnston and Cushing. Scott Shaw! has a look at a special Boy's Life comic book that the company did in 1952. It had art by Creig Flessel, Lee Ames, and Dik Browne, among others.

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