Tuesday, January 09, 2007

MIke Lynch Cartoon in January 2007 Reader's Digest

This cartoon appears in the current Reader's Digest now on the stands. Just look for Hillary Swank on the cover! I wanted my cartoon on the cover, but was duly informed that Ms. Swank won an Oscar and she'd sell more copies than a couple of cartoon chickens I drew. Harsh words, but true.

A sale to the Digest is tough to do. So many times I've sent dozens of cartoons, only to see no sales. The magazine is highly competitive. I never know what will sell, I just try to send their cartoon editor funny cartoons.

I sold this to RD in April 2005. Usually they publish a cartoon within 90 days. Maybe 4-5 months. So, its been a long time coming. I actually thought that they had all ready published it, but as far as I know they have not.

There is a lot of information here. Every bit is intentional. We are, in this little cartoon, in a world of chickens that wear clothes (but no shoes).

Mrs. Chicken is pregnant with some Grade As, and the reader's eye is following them as they are walking through the frame from left to right. Mr. Chicken looks interested in the nursery, but Mrs. Chicken -- now that I study her (hey, it's been almost 2 years now) -- actually looks like a silly wall-eyed hen with a head fulla nothin'. A bird brain. Well, I guess that those are the types those big he-man roosters like. Can you see that the real estate agent chicken guy has "Real Estate" written on his briefcase? It shows up well in the mag, but is murky in this scan.

I can't remember much about writing the gag. I remember doing a lot of odd cartoons around this time like the ones below:

Above published in UK mag Prospect.

Oprah-Land was printed in Brandweek magazine.

"Can't you just call it 'pretty' and be done with it?" It's "The Rogets on Vacation" from the Chronicle of Higher Education. One of those cartoons that people have looked at and told me they didn't get it.

From BBC Music Mag. Gee whiz, I was more inky back then.

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