Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mike Lynch Cartoon in FIRST FOR WOMEN

Another one of those entries wherein I spout off about a cartoon I drew.

"I'll have to call you back. The cat looks really pleased with himself and I gotta find out why."

The cat that I drew is a conglomeration of 2 of our beloved kitties that are no longer with us: Opie (fluffy -- and he'd turn his head like to one side) and Max (who always grinned), so I look at this and remember those 2 sweet kitties.

This is an odd little cartoon that really has no gag per se; no pun, no double entendre, etc. It just hints at a private moment for a pet owner. If you are a pet owner, then you know. I mean those moments when your cat or dog or bird (can birds have expressions?) or iguana (ditto) has a look on his or her furry/feathery/scaly face (a look only you can parse) that tells you that they've done something and that "something" isn't good.

A hat tip to friend Dave Carpenter for the heads up. Like I say, I never know when these appear -- but Dave saw it and called an told me. Thanks, Dave -- old buddy, old pal!

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