Thursday, January 25, 2007

Free Comic Book Day/Cartoonist Day

May 5th is the annual Free Comic Book day where (you guessed it) comic book shops give away comics for free. But these are not just any ol' comic books -- these are special comics that comic book companies produce especially for comic book day. Complete list at Newsarama.

Since May 5th is also Cartoonist Day, a day to celebrate cartoonists and their craft, this will be a doubly fun year for the event.

Oh -- and take a gander at that line up! MANGA! Oh, hate manga? SUPERHEROES! Oh, you don't like those male adolescent power fantasies? LYNDA BARRY! Do you know who she is? She's great. How about PEANUTS! Now, everyone loves Peanuts!

More anon.

Hat tip to Ms. MacDonald at Publisher's Weekly's The Beat.

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