Wednesday, January 17, 2007

MIke Lynch Cartoon in February 2007 Playboy

Playboy magazine is considered a hallmark magazine gag cartoon market. So many great cartoonists have been in there -- Sam Gross, Gahan Wilson, Silverstein, Feiffer, as well as great writers like Bradbury and Jean Shepherd (a particular fave of mine) -- and Playboy is as recognizable a brand as McDonald's and Disney. And so, it's a nice feeling to see a cartoon of mine -- much less a mild PG-13 rated one -- for the first time in this publication. Hey, ma, look! A new market!

This is the original that I sent in. The editor wanted a redraw, so the version in the magazine is a little inkier than this. But I like this version and this is my blog, so I get to show the cartoon I want to. So there.

I remember showing a portfolio of work to a school superintendent. He liked my work, and ultimately hired me to teach cartooning classes to 10 year olds in the school district. He saw this cartoon and warned me that it was inappropriate for children.

As a suburban kid, living in small college towns in the Midwest, I found out about cats and dogs in heat when I was in elementary school. It never crossed my mind that this was now considered risque by an educator. Times change!

I think we've all had the experience of buying some roses and chocolate, only to find out that our lovely date is allergic to both. Now, even worse is dealing with someone of the opposite sex who is only interested in romance once a year, usually in the spring.

Now, we all have learned from STAR TREK, that if you suppress those urges, kids, then you're gonna go a little beserk and you'll wanna fight the Captain.

End of today's lesson.

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