Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How to Create A Comic

Here's a link to a hands-on "how I do what I do" blog entry by Web cartoonist Bryant Paul. From Sketches to inking to PhotoShop -- it's all here.

His Web comic TEACHING BABY PARANOIA has been running since January 4, 2000, which is the equivalent of THE GUMPS or OLD DOC YAK in Cyber-land. More about Bryant here.

"I begin each comic with a more or less stream-of-consciousness block of text, usually based upon some observation or something I read."

I love this kinda behind the scenes stuff. I usually start each one of my cartoons out by staring at the ceiling and then I wonder if I'll ever have another idea in my head, and look at that cobweb up there, and one of these days I gotta have Sam (landlord) repaint this place since it's been like 15 years since a proper repainting job was done, but then I'd have to move all the books and book shelves, and maybe one day I should just sell or give away all of these dang books; well, not all, but most of them, bla, bla, bla .... Yeesh. It's a wonder I get any work done at all.

Giant h/t to Journalista!

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