Friday, May 16, 2008

Favorite Gag Cartoon Cliche

Above: a desert island gag (which will soon see print in WSJ), the number one gag cartoon cliche as voted on by Mike Lynch Cartoons blog readers.

Well, the votes are in, and, out of a list of 15 cliches, the top winners of the gag cartoon cliche genre are:

  • Desert island
  • Psychiatrist's couch
  • Grim reaper

The big losers (a 3-way tie for last place):

  • Eye chart
  • In/Out boxes
  • Man crawling thru desert

Above: the #2 cartoon cliche, from a time when I was drawing in charcoal and wash. This appeared in Funny Times.

Above: Gahan Wilson saw this cartoon one day and told me he liked the way I drew the skull. I was very happy at the unsolicited kind words from one of the masters of cartooning.

Thanks to all who participated!


Mark Anderson said...

The In/Out box a loser? I think not! In fact, I'm gonna go write some right now just to show everyone!

Mike Lynch said...

I still think "boss chases secretary" is gonna have a big comeback one day.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the "I eat shit and like it." cartoon Mike!

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks, Ryan.

Linette Moore said...

Speaking of Gahan Wilson: I was the lone voter for "Eye Chart Gag", simply because of his take on it (seen midway down this page). Though - as also shown on that site - he does a mean "Psychiatrist's Couch" gag as well!