Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ann Telnaes to End Print Syndication

In Editor and Publisher, Dave Astor writes:
"In a move that shows just how much animation is impacting editorial cartooning, Ann Telnaes will end her print syndication this Saturday."
Telnaes, a Pulitzer prize winning print editorial cartoonist, will produce three animations a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for WashingtonPost.com.

More and more, editorial cartoonists are doing animations -- and submitting that work for awards consideration. Animated editorial cartoons and print editorial cartoons compete side by side for the Pulitzers and the National Cartoonists Society Editorial Cartoon Division Awards.

These are two different mediums. With one, you watch, passively, with the work flowing over you at the rate of speed predetermined by the animator. With the other, you control the speed and are free to linger on the drawing.

Link to the Ann Telnaes Cartoon animations at WashingtonPost.com. (Begins to play immediately. You see? I told you that you can't control the speed of the thing.)


Doug Potter said...


I Googled "magazine cartoon markets" and your web site came up! Very nice. I'll be checking back often.
I love Ann Telnaes work, too, but have a question about her new, animated editorials: Willshe or the paper be paying a licensing fee for use of "The Beat Goes On" in the 05-21-08 cartoon?

Doug Potter

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Good question about the music fee, Doug. I'm sure that the lawyers have an ASCAP agreement that covers the use of copyrighted audio for parody use.