Monday, June 09, 2008

Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics

I like reading Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics over at Allan Holtz' blog Stripper's Guide. Despite the name, it's safe for work cuz (say it with me) it's about comic strips. Well, duh.

I always wind up spending way too much time looking at all that Allan digs up from his old comics files. I mumble Gee whiz! to myself a lot. And it's even more of a time sucking vortex now that my friend Ger Apeldoorn has a blog too. It's linked at Stripper's Guide and full of cool stuff.

But, anyway, getting back to a semblance of a point; Jim Ivey, cartoonist veteran, draws an all new feature every Sunday at the Guide. Above is his take on submitting to the humor mags thru the years, including a factoid about Jack Kent I never knew! Much more here.

Order Jim Ivey's new book CARTOONS I LIKED at or order direct from Ivey and get the book autographed with a free original sketch.


Mark Anderson said...

What a great comic! Looks like my reader is gonna get another feed.

"Not another feed, Captain! I dunna think she can take any moor!"

Quiet, Scotty. And get me some more coffee.

Mike Lynch said...

Yeah, there is so much good stuff out there! Ger's blog really puts it over the top.

Uh ... Scotty doesn't get coffee. Lt. Rand gets the coffee

-- uber nerd Mike

Mark Anderson said...

Lt. Rand... Ah yes... Lt. Rand...