Monday, June 16, 2008

Roy Delgado Shares Originals

Prolific cartoonist and friend Roy Delgado has a terrific blog that's worth a visit.

Recently, Roy's been sharing a lot of unseen originals by other cartoonists. Some of these were drawn at cartooning events and, as they talk shop, the cartoonist will draw in Roy's sketchbook Each original has a story that Roy shares with us:

Tom Gill "Lone Ranger" Sketch
Bud Grace "Ernie" Original
Patricia Roberts Original
Eli Stein WSJ Cartoonist
Fred Lasswell Snuffy Smith
Mort Walker Sgt. Snorkel
Orlando Busino 1979 Drawing
Jerry Marcus 1979 Sketch

Left: Tom Gill's Lone Ranger. Tom drew the Lone Ranger for decades for Dell Comics.

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