Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Inviting Cartoonists to Weddings

Above is one reason you should invite cartoonists to weddings.

As you know cartoonist Stephanie Piro's daughter Nico was married last weekend. Back in March, her daughter mailed out invitations with an RSVP card. Aside from the usual "are you coming? check here" box, there was a space for you to "take a minute to draw a picture of what you think we'll look like" on the wedding day. So, I took out the Micron Pigma and drew up the above, with a little watercolor greying to get a good effect. One challenge is that the groom's a very tall lad. With Nico pulling on his nose ring, that gets him to lurch over and fit in the picture.

This is a great thing and it should be noted that if you are going to get married and you want some good cartoon originals, then just invite a cartoonist.

The fun touch at the reception was that they had on display all of the doodles that people had made for the couple. Most everyone at least tried drawing stick figures of the couple, and a number of guests drew them horizontally, complete with "turn this way" and an arrow, so as to properly show the groom's height.

I wonder if the people who checked "No, I'll have to take a rain check" means that the happy couple must reenact their vows in future for those who want to cash in that rain check. Hmm.

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Mark Anderson said...

WOW! What a great idea!

When we got married I was still very much a musician, so a lot of my guests were band mates.

Our pianist played during the reception for us as his gift. Hearing Giant Steps as cocktail fair was a gift in itself.