Friday, June 20, 2008

DOCTOR WHO "Silence in the Library"

I remember standing in a long line at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. I don't remember what the movie was, but I do remember meeting this couple. They were chatty and it helped pass the time. There was a general discussion of sci fi TV shows that went something like this:

THEM: "And there's BABYLON 5. You watch BABYLON 5, right?"

ME: "No. I watched the pilot. I couldn't get into it."

THEM "Oh, no. You HAVE to watch BABYLON 5. I highly recommend it!"

And I remember wondering, Who are you? So, what? So you "highly recommend" something! I don't even know you! I did try watching BABYLON 5 once again and once again I was turned off by it.

Another show that I would occasionally watch was DOCTOR WHO, which is seen in the States on Friday nights on the Sci Fi Channel. It was cheesy and silly and overly dramatic. I've gone from watching maybe once a year to really getting into the program now that David Tennant is The Doctor. I can't put my finger on when I went from casual watcher to fan. And I can't help but proselytize.

I urge you to watch/tape/TiVo/DVR tonight's episode titled "Silence in the Library." It's good. It's written by the man who is going to producing the show for the next while. And, yeah, I highly recommend it.

There are 2 Doctor Who episodes on Sci Fi tonight. I'm talking about the second one of the two.


Mark Anderson said...


Now, back to my LEGOs.

Kyle Miller said...

"Who turned out the lights?"

Man, that episode works on so many levels. And it's a cliffhanger. Argh!

Kyle Miller said...

Hard to imagine how they would top it, but they did. And it's always a pleasure to see Alex Kingston.

Mike Lynch said...

The show is silly, cheesy and over the top. And I think it's great fun if you embrace the cheese!

The second part really was fascinating. The writer, who has written some great precious episodes and is now the producer of the series, really knows how to peel back layer after layer of the mystery in the center of the story.

Kyle Miller said...

The last two episodes of the series look like a big blow out - not only are Rose and Martha coming back, but look for crossovers with Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures - talk about your big finish!

Mike Lynch said...

I meant to say great *previous* episodes, not *precious.* Anyway, the eps were good.

Oh yeah! I know what you're saying about the finale! Without giving away anything, Rose is going to whisper 2 words to Donna in an episode on the Sci Fi channel in 2 weeks that are going to signal the whole big deal season ender. And you're right, Kyle, looks like everyone is in on it. Maybe even K-9!

And I'm still hoping for Tom Baker to walk in suddenly. I've heard rumors! But I don't think they're reliable. I also heard that Patrick Stewart will be in the show. We'll see!

Kyle Miller said...

Hmmmm. Stewart's not credited on the imdb, but that doesn't mean he might not show up. What IS interesting is that Bernard Cribbins, who was in the 1966 movie version of Dr. Who has been making regular appearances in this season.