Wednesday, June 04, 2008


EVER SINCE ADAM AND EVE co-edited, and with contributions from, Alfred Andriola and Mel Casson. It's also copyright 1955 by Mssrs. Andriola and Casson. The hardcover book features a bunch of National Cartoonists Society cartoonists, all doing gags about men and women.

Previously, I reproduced many of the cartoons of Mel Casson's here.

Above: a typical Bushmiller NANCY strip, reproduced nice and large.

Harry Devlin, along with wife Wende, "produced six children and put them in their feature Full House."

Here's Charles Schulz with a rare one-panel style gag and, even rarer, done with a wash!

Stan and Jan Berenstain doing one of their great kids gags.

Above, one of my personal favorites; the British cartoonist J.W. Taylor. I love the little girl's blissful look as all of those cartoon men hurtle to their doom!

Walter Berndt drew the long-running comic strip SMITTY, and is the nickname namesake for the Berndt Toast Gang.

Ronald Searle's messy wash style is so interesting to linger over.

OK, so my question about the above DENNIS THE MENACE cartoon by Hank Ketcham is: Did it ever really run in the paper? It's darn risque!

I love Caplan's line style here.

Alfred Andriola, drawing in a pen and wash single panel style, proves he was a master.

Henry Syverson uses the black spotting to focus our eyes on the poor hubby.

Chon Day's 2 word gag line was one of the funniest in the book.

Tomorrow: More.


richardcthompson said...

Jeez, Mike, how vast IS your library? What a great mix of talents in one book.

Rodrigo Baeza said...

I found a copy of this book a few months ago, seeing it had an original Schulz cartoon was a pleasant surprise.

I've later seen (don't remember where, probably in "Hogan's Alley") that Schulz used that same cartoon in his stationery during the 1950's, when answering fans' letters.