Thursday, June 05, 2008

RHYMES WITH ORANGE Guest Cartoonist is Suzy Becker

Above: a cartoon by Suzy Becker from her Web site.

Hilary Price's newspaper comic strip RHYMES WITH ORANGE will have guest cartoonist Suzy Becker slaving away for a week beginning this Monday while Hilary takes a break. Or rather, she all ready took a break and Suzy filled in and we're only now seeing the event.

Here's Hilary:
"Four weeks ago, I went on vacation for a friend's 40th birthday. While I was basking in the shade lathered in 70 spf sunscreen (we redheads have to be careful), my talented cartoonist pal Suzy Becker took over the strip for the week. Her work will start this coming Monday."
Related: Hilary and Dave SPEEDBUMP Coverly will be have a table at MoCCA Fest this weekend.

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