Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mike Peters Videos

Here are two interviews with Mike Peters from, well, several years ago. They're not dated, but one look at (a) the political candidates and (b) Mike's hairstyle, and you'll get a feel for the time. Regardless, they're both very funny and you get to not only see Mike talk (always funny), but you get to see him draw as well (always fascinating to watch).

The first one, running about 6 1/2 minutes, is from the Joan Rivers show.

Next is CNN interviewing him about the then-new Grimmy show. It's just over 2 minutes.

Related: Mark Anderson's recording of the last 7 minutes or so of Mike Peters' wonderful presentation at the 2007 OSU Festival of Cartoon Art.


Mark Anderson said...

Oh my God! You gotta love Peters! And that sweater!

Mike Lynch said...

That all seems so long ago now!