Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dead Scanner

My scanner died yesterday.

Best known for scanning in old, yellowing cartoon books for this blog, the scanner first arrived in Brooklyn after being bought at an office supply store in Suffern, NY. During its days in Brooklyn, it scanned both cartoon originals and books. When we made the move to New Hampshire in August 2007, we had no idea that it only had 6 months of life left in it.

We had some good times. Who can forget the Scan Your Cat entry of January 23, 2007? As funny as it was then, perhaps it was stunts like that that caused the undue wear and tear on the Canon scanner.

Ah well. All good things ....

Services will be held tomorrow morning at 9am EST at the bulky container at the Milton, NH Recycling Center. In lieu of flowers, please scan a copy of "Taps" into your own scanner. Thanks.

The scanner is dead. Long live the scanner -- the new one arrives tomorrow in a big brown UPS truck.


Alan Smithee said...

This explains all the little hairs on your scans.

Mike Lynch said...

Yeah, the latest version of Photoshop should have a macro to get rid of those!