Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tom Gill Stories

Above: Tom Gill art originally from the "Haunted Honeymoon" story in BORIS KARLOFF'S THRILLER comic #1, October 1962. Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine has the whole story reproduced -- which reminded me that there was news of Tom.

Tom and I were, for a number of years, co-chairs of the National Cartoonists Society Long Island Chapter AKA the Berndt Toast Gang.

Tom Gill's memoir has been delayed, as I reported last year. After contact with the co-author and publisher, I am told that the book, THE MISADVENTURES OF A ROVING CARTOONIST, is available. I was to get a copy in the mail when I was in New Orleans for the 2008 Reubens weekend, but there was a SNAFU. Regardless, it's out and ready for purchase.

As you may recall, after Tom's death at the age of 92 in 2005, I wrote a remembrance of him. A fellow named George posted this wonderful comment just last month, and I'd like to highlight it:

"I lived in Tom's neighborhood as a young boy. At about 11 years old (now 58) Tom asked me (and my parents) if I would care to be his model for a new cartoon strip entitled The Adventures of Brains Benton. As a tall and awkward glasses wearing kid, he thought I looked the studious, science oriented type. He was right. I spent a summer posing for different action scenes outside his home. At only 11 Tom made me feel like a celebrity. He was a fine man, a gentle guy who was fun to be around. Brains Benton was styled after the Hardy Boys series of books. Unfortunately, the strip was never picked-up by the papers. None the less, I still cherish the prints I have from the experience. In fact to this day, friends of mine from the old neighborhood, still call me by the nickname 'Brains.'"

Tom Gill, a silver age comic artist best known for his two decade run on the LONE RANGER comic book. His legacy lives on.

I would love to see some of Tom's Brains Benton work!

Related: my pal Leif Peng highlights the Brains Benton illustrations by Hamilton Greene.

A Brains Benton Web site

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leifpeng said...

That's a wonderful little anecdote, Mike - thanks for posting this. I had no idea Tom Gill was working on a Brains Benton newspaper strip proposal. That would have really been a great strip. So many great strips that never were, huh?