Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Storm 2008

I had no idea how big the ice storm was until we got the power back about 30 minutes ago. The NY Times says 1.25 million from PA to ME without power!

Here are some photos from our place along the Maine/NH border:

Here's the back of the car and a bunch of ice-laden birches, laying over the long driveway. Those little snowflakey looking things are bits of sleet. It sleeted all night and into the day.

It's a long, long driveway.

A shadowy landscape of ice on the front yard.

Birdfeeder icicles.

For many trees, the weight of the ice made them bow down.

Our 3 raised beds and the trees all leaning over.

A windowbox perched on one of the raised beds, with one of the bowed trees hanging over it.

A series of shots of the driveway, and the trees leaning over it.

At the end of the driveway: a fallen pine tree.

Thank goodness for the woodstove! There is one pot of sauerkraut and one pot of tea warming.


Mark Anderson said...

I hope your birds like icicles! Yikes!

Love the wood stove! Save some sauerkraut for me!

Paul Giambarba said...

Glad to know all is now well. Great cooking arrangements BTW!

Anonymous said...

Thank god your server is working! No, really, I'm sure you are prepared.

Brian Fies said...

Do trees survive an experience like that (not the broken ones, obviously, but your birches)?

I've been feeling a little chilly lately because the temp in northern California has dipped way down into the high thirties. Brrrrr! I am prepared to accept your sympathy.

Rod McKie said...

It looks wonderful, but at what cost? Knowing you, you'll get a lot of ideas from the experience. I'll post a cartoon and dedicate it to you both.

Faith said...

The birches should come through okay. Trees are amazingly resiliant. The ones that don't make it tend to be the ones that are on their way out, anyway, or very top-heavy trees that come out at the roots. Such is not the case with birches.

Boy, Mike, that is QUITE a driveway! I am very impressed!

Anonymous said...

Oops,that comment by "Faith" was actually me!