Friday, December 12, 2008

Mike Lynch Cartoons T-shirts!

Mark Anderson bowled his best game ever while wearing the Mike Lynch Cartoons Penguin Bowling Pin t-shirt!

Mike Lynch Cartoons t-shirts, cards, magnets & Stuff.

Perfect for holiday giving and a wonderful wedding, bar/bat mitzah gift or memorable way to peddle your influence to the power elite!


Mark Anderson said...

It's true! All the other guys want a shirt now!

Rob Tornoe said...

I got mine in the mail the other day. My high game is a 239, so we'll see what it is now!

If I don't bowl a 240, do I get a refund?

Mike Lynch said...

Mark, got an order for a ton of shirts yesterday. I'm wondering if it's your bowling crew.

Rob, I assume no liability for your conduct while wearing the shirt, bowling or otherwise. The shirts impel, they do not compel.

Marek Bennett said...

Mike, fantastic product testing! Do you have a breakfast cereal in the works?