Friday, December 05, 2008

An Internship with MAD's Tom Richmond

Ever wanted to be a cartoonist? Ever wanted to draw for MAD MAGAZINE? A high school student named Luke got a chance to "job shadow" Tom Richmond in his studio.

"My niece Brittanie called me up and said she had a classmate who was an aspiring artist and wondered if he could job shadow me one day… like TOMORROW. I was trying to beat a deadline on a MAD job and was on the final stretch of the inking, so I thought that would work out well. The next day a young man named Luke showed up at the studio and spent about 4 hours watching me ink while we chatted about freelance illustration, cartooning, caricature, MAD and in general what it’s like to try and make a living with a pencil and a drawing board."

Tom reports all here.

If I was in high school, this would be absolutely the coolest day of my life.

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Mark Anderson said...

I dunno what would be worse though, being watched while I draw, or being photographed being watched while I draw...