Saturday, December 27, 2008

NY Times: George Burns' Favorite New Year's Eve

Today's NY Times is rerunning an article that George Burns originally wrote in 1988, My Favorite New Year’s Eve — So Far:

"When I was starting out in show business the thing I want most for New Year's Eve was a booking. If you were booked on New Year's Eve, it meant you were doing O.K.

"... But of all the New Year's Eves I've spent, the one I remember most was 1926. The previous Christmas Eve, Gracie had finally agreed to marry me. I don't think I'd ever felt as wonderful; there was something very special about feeling that I was really going to be booked for the rest of my life."
The complete story at the NY Times site today.


Mark Anderson said...

Definitely worth another printing. Thanks for the heads up!

Mike Lynch said...

I could hear Burns' voice when I read it.