Thursday, December 25, 2008

Some Cartoonist Holiday Cards

I love mail. Sometimes getting mail is like getting little presents. It sure is at this time of year. Here are some of the cards from cartoonists that I've received in the good old fashioned regular paper US mail. All of these cards are copyright the respective artist.

Above and below: an original ink and watercolor card by Don Orehek. Don is a pal and one of the best ever.

National Cartoonists Society NJ chapter Chairman Tom Stemmle:

Cartoonist Elena Steier with an incredible series of drawings of her Goth Scouts:

Pibgorn and 9 Chickweed Lane cartoonist Brooke McEldowney:

A friend of the family who does this wonderful calligraphy. Those expressive Santa drawings are by her son:

The one and only illustrator extraordinaire Sandy Kossin:

Gag cartoonist Gregory Kogan with a fun New Yorkery bit of wordless multi-panel humor:

Batman and Mary Worth (Whatta combo!) artist Joe Giella:

Anne Gibbons with a spot-on political gag:

A gorgeous and thoughtful pose of Santa by Paul Giambarba:

My pal, graphic novelist Brian Fies:

Gag cartoonist Dave Carpenter:

Mad Magazine and New Yorker regular John Caldwell:

From the syndicated strip Six Chix, Isabella Bannerman:

The best pal a boy cartoonist ever had - Mark Anderson:

And the interior of Mark's card:

And finally, Cleo, Don Orehek's cat, snoozing on his drawing board.

My thanks to all of you for these little gifts in the mail. I love these cards!

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Wanders said...

These are wonderful. I'm most jealous of the Giella's card. What a wonderful collection!