Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowblowing After the Big Snow Storm

We had a big snowstorm here, about a week after the big ice storm. It dropped about 2 feet of snow, with some 3 foot drifts. It snowed all day yesterday and into the night. Above: a photo I took from the door of the snow-covered car at about 9pm.

Above: as the morning light peeks into the Lynch basement, you can see the trusty Sears snowblower, ready for its first big challenge of the 2008-09 winter!

And here I am, my back to the road, with a snowblower POV shot; looking down the long driveway that seemingly gets longer every blessed year. The little lump in the distance is the snow covered car.

Above: the cut into the yard, going to the birdfeeders. We have many juncos, titmice, woodpeckers, finches and chickadees.

And, more than an hour later, the job is done. And what, you may ask, did my assistants do?

Trout slept.

Sam slept.

And Roo ... well, who could be angry at Rufus? He just wanted some pats. That's it, lean into it!

(Note little drops on his nose: he is the sloppiest water drinker!)

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Paul Giambarba said...

Nobody ever hitched a cat to a sled.