Monday, December 22, 2008

POWER by Stephanie Piro

My cartoonist pal Stephanie Piro lives in the next town over, which means that they got the big ice storm as well. Trees were down, power went out to 1.25 million people, and everyone was slipping and falling.

After the big ice storm, she drew a story about her experience titled POWER, which you can read in its entirety at her site. While we lost power for about 14 hours, Steph and her husband John lived in a dark house for days, with nothing but their woodstove for heat.

Please note that when "friends Mike and Stacy stop over" that (a) we bring wine and (b) the power comes on!

My thanks to Stephanie for posting this. I had no idea that she had drawn this involving non-fiction comic about their experience, much less that we had a cameo in it! Thanks, Steph!

My one note: please post the story LARGER on your site. It was hard to read ....

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Snagglefrog said...

Wow, I feel incredibly lucky in regards to that nasty ice storm. My apartment building - plus a few others - still had power while the rest of Somersworth was out.