Friday, December 26, 2008

Mike Lynch Cartoon in December 29, 2008 WOMAN'S WORLD

Here's a new cartoon by me. And there is a mistake in it. Do you see it?

I have a wordless cartoon in the issue of WOMAN'S WORLD, now on the stands. By wordless, I mean a cartoon without any printed gag line below or any words in the drawing itself. These kind of cartoons are, in my opinion, the hardest to come up with successfully.

Bauer Publications produces WOMAN'S WORLD weekly, and it's distributed to pretty much every darn grocery store checkout area I've ever been in. This issue has 8 cartoons in it. Above is page 3 of the December 29, 2008 issue. Somewhere between "hug away stress!" and the recipe for Spanish Smoked Paprika Wings is my cartoon.

For wordless cartoons, you have to come up with universal themes and characters that are known throughout the world. There's a lot of material in fairy tales and popular culture.

Above is the version as printed. WW is very insistent that they do the coloring. You can see all the noodling that the person did who colored this. They really spent a lot of time.

Above is a scan of the original art. I like her eyes here; half closed in thought. She is enjoying looking at these froggy princes.

Did you notice the mistake? I did not sign it. Not good! This happens every once in a while.

One time an advertising exec saw a cartoon of mine in a magazine. All he saw was my last name. He wanted to buy the cartoon for an ad campaign. By using a search engine, he was able to contact me quickly and we worked together on a series of cartoon ads. Always remember to sign your cartoon!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed that Mike. I hate when I do that. I've never had an unsigned one published but I hate it when I go through the scanning and resizing and then realize I haven't signed it and have to do the scanning again. Another point I'd make (that a lot of cartoonists don't do) is tosign your name so it is legible. If people can't read a scribbled signature they won't be able to contact you if they want to hire you.
Dan Reynolds

Anonymous said...

I feel very amaze about cartoonist. You guys have very great idea in every cartoon pic.

Mark Anderson said...

I forget my signature a lot. In fact I had a client ask me recently why I wasn't signing his cartoons. It took a minute to convince him that I was just forgetful instead of ashamed of his cartoons.

Anyway, just so you know, Mike, I contacted WW and they'll be adding my signature to all of your work from now on.