Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cartooning Jobs for Beginning Cartoonists Circa 1950

Even if you were a mediocre cartoonist, you could make a living. That's what some of the veteran gag cartoonists tell me about the the 1950s-60s, back when there were lots of markets that bought lots of cartoons. And even if it was a couple cartoons at $25, that was okay money back then.

Mike Arnold has posted some scans from a 1949 Walter Foster publication titled CARTOONING JOBS FOR BEGINNING CARTOONISTS and it's great fun.

Everyone is so well dressed and the pro cartoonist that is pictured at the drawing board has one of those little accountant's hats and his sleeves are rolled down and it looks like he's wearing cuff links, for goodness sake!

And don't miss the tip about using an iron to smooth out your roughs!

Thanks Mike!

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