Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cartooning Jobs for Beginning Cartoonists Circa 1950 Part 2

Continued from previous blog entry:

Some more images from the CARTOONING JOBS FOR BEGINNING CARTOONISTS book courtesy of Mike Arnold at Arnomation.

Witness our first Beginning Cartoonist named Ed. Ed is an assistant to a pro cartoonist. "This has been a path to PROVEN cartooning success." I like the fact that the pro warns Ed that the ink is still wet. That Ed is a little slow! Ha, ha, ha. And one of your duties as an assistant is to deliver your work to your pro boss at his home. And don't forget to pick up that case of his favorite scotch. Sure, you can't afford it, and it has nothing to do with cartooning -- BUT, HOLD ON SON -- How you ever gonna get ahead unless you grease the old man's gears, boy!

Another option: comic book artist. As the book tells you, it's more work for less pay and those big comic pages don't fit in the mailbox. Hmm. Maybe it's time to look at some other books. Like maybe DRYWALL JOBS FOR BEGINNING DRYWALL INSTALLERS.
"Greeting cards are BIG business!" And they take complete amateurs. And the insane and the incarcerated! Boy, those greeting card industry conventions must be fun!

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