Friday, August 11, 2006

Cat Sketches from the 2004 Reubens

One of the nice thing about your friends -- if your friends are all cartoonists -- is that they can draw some great pictures for you. Above is Cleo, drawn by Don Orehek, who is a real black and white cat that is really owned by Don Orehek and his lovely bride.

It was May 2004, the end of the Reubens weekend. My wife was feeling under the weather, so I went solo to the Mell Lazarus roast. I happened to have a piece of paper with me. So, I drew a cat on it (a doodle of our sweet, fluffy cat Opie, on the left hand side of the page below), and then, brazenly approached cartoonists -- some of which I knew, some of which I didn't -- and asked them if they would add a sketch of a cat for my cat-loving wife. Above: Patrick McDonnell's sketch.

And they did. Above: one of Sandra Boynton's trademark cats. Sandra's been a major force in the greeting card biz for over 20 years. She draws wonderful animals. When asked if her kids ever buy her own greeting cards to give to her when it's her birthday or Mother's Day, she replied, Yes, but they give them to me ironically.
I love Stephanie Piro's cats. They are all so characterful. If you ever see Stephanie, make sure to ask if you can add to her ANYONE CAN DRAW A CAT book. This is a book full of cats, drawn by pro cartoonists and friends and kids and -- well, anyone! Because, as she points out, anyone can draw a cat!Here's Archie's Stan Goldberg's sketch of a cat. It's as if I can see the bones and muscles under the fur. This man knows anatomy! The curvy, pointed ears are just the right shape.

Above is Pat Byrnes' sweet little angel kitty. Pat has a new book out and you can order it via his site, where you will also find out his wife's the Attorney General for the State of Illinois.

And so when I returned to the hotel room and presented the above to Stacy, she was happily surprised. I think a page of cats did more good than the Advil!


Bill Alger said...

"I think a page of cats did more good than the Advil!"

And with a drawing of cats, you don't have to empty the litter pan...

TimHarries said...

That's great stuff Mike. Thanks for sharing the artwork with us.

It's great attending cartoon festivals and getting fellow cartoonists to draw something for you - really good memories to keep.