Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This Inking Life: The Essential Cartoonist Gallery Show

The Great Neck Arts Center, located within a few minutes' walk from the Great Neck Long Island Railroad station, is the location for a gallery show of original cartoon art. Stan Goldberg told me about the gallery's interest and we had a meeting with them this past December. I've been working with the Director of Development since then. Above is the promo postcard.

This past spring, I put together a batch of names for consideration:

This Inking Life

Drawing Inspiration

Drawing the Line

Crossing the Line

Collector's Item Classics

The Essential Cartoonist

The experts at the gallery put together the final name of the show and designed the postcard.

Back in June, we had 25 cartoonists ready to participate. By now, we have twice that number. You can get an idea of some of the participants by looking at that postcard above. I'll be posting a list of cartoonists soon.

It'll be a terrific show. The people at GNAC have been enthusiastic and supportive. There's going to be a big reception in about 3 weeks, and then a couple of panel discussions in September. I was going to maybe see if we could just have one panel discussion, but GNAC wanted at least two, See what I mean about enthusiastic?

With Masters of American Comics coming to the Jewish Museum (ATTN. JEWISH MUSEUM WEBMASTER: IT'S CHARLES M. SCHULZ -- NOT SCHULTZ!!!) and The Newark Museum, it's gonna be a cartoony good time for NYC culture lovers!

I blogged about the current show on July 8 here. There are a number of photos of the main part of the Center.

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