Monday, August 07, 2006

Now I can Blog About Brian Fies Blogging About Me

I wasn't going to post much today. It's a busy day, and I'm on my way out. Fortunately, I was poking around the usual blogs and found something! Thanks to my pal Brian, I can just point you to his blog!

Ahem ...

Award winning graphic novelist Brian Fies has a nice write up at his blog about the upcoming THIS INKING LIFE original cartoon art show, as well as some very nice things to say about me. He is so kind he could, should he wish, ask me to co-sign a loan or something.

Thanks, Brian! I am blushing!

The photo of the tent had me laughing out loud!

I'll get some photos of Brian's framed pieces as soon as they arrive at the gallery.

P.S. There's a cool Star Trek essay Brian wrote for the 40th anniversary of TOS for the San Diego Comicon book!


Bill Alger said...

Nice write up on you, Mike!


Mark Anderson said...

Hey, you wanna float me some dough?!

Brian Fies said...

Thanks, Mike! Expect a call from my bank in the morning... With friends like you, I might be able to put my kids through college after all.

With sincere appreciation for everything....