Thursday, August 24, 2006

Zip & Li'l Bit in The Upside-Down Me by Trade Loeffler

I am not the first blogger to blog good things about THE UPSIDE-DOWN ME, and I won't be the last. By a lucky quirk of fate, Trade and I live a couple of blocks apart in downtown Brooklyn. Last night, we got together for a couple of beers and burgers at Ceol, an Irish pub in the neighborhood. We talked of old cartoonists, and new ambitions for the comics medium. THE UPSIDE-DOWN ME is a labor of love for Trade, and it shows. This gentle, whimsical story is unfolding at the rate of a couple pages a week at the site above. Worth sitting down and looking at and getting lost in. I wanted to ask Trade about what was going to happen in the story, but I had to stop myself. I'd rather sit and wait and read it.

A lovely item from the "Creator Profile" section by Trade:

My old roommate used to think it was hilarious that Calvin and Hobbes sat on my bookshelf next to anthologies of Chekov, or books by Faulkner or Joyce, but it always seemed perfectly natural to me, particularly since the Calvin and Hobbes books got read so much more than the others.

Go and take a look at Zip and Li'l Bit Funnies: THE UPSIDE DOWN ME.

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